This first-ever Filipino food hall launched in the metaverse


You’ve probably used online food delivery apps countless times since the ongoing pandemic started. But cloud kitchen Kraver’s Canteen has opened Kra-vers Food Hall, which is the first-ever Filipino virtual interactive space that has opened in the metaverse.

Behind the platform is COO of FooDee Global Concepts Eric Thomas Dee, who also brought brands such as Tim Ho Wan and Hawker Chan to the Philippines. Since Kraver’s doesn’t have a physical storefront, the brand launched a digital space that customers can visit.

Once you enter the Kra-vers platform, there will be a receptionist on call from 10 AM onwards to list what you’re craving for the day. After ordering, you will have to wait between 20 to 45 minutes to receive your food. It operates 10 kitchens around the metro and boasts its unique packaging – which comes with special self-heating packets.


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The Kra-Verse Food Hall currently has five brands that you can explore and an additional upcoming brand to look forward to:

  • CharSilog – a “new age” silog brand
  • Krave – offers a menu with seasonal trends
  • I Love U Stew – a Korean joint that offers a special Galbi Jim
  • Jok Time Lugaw – which sends jokes along with every comfort food
  • Gravy’d – a foodcourt-like take on sizzling plates

Meanwhile, Kraver’s Canteen will soon open D. Wade Burgers, a burger joint from NBA star player Dwyane Wade. Dee said, ‘He allowed us to create a burger exclusive to the Philippine market. We’re calling it the Manila burger, which consists of lechon baka on top of a smash burger.’

If you’re ready to browse through the virtual food hall, sign up for an account on the Kraverse app and create your avatar. But for those who just can’t wait and try out the food, you can also access it via Grab, FoodPanda, and more.

Kraver's metaverse, <b> This first-ever Filipino food hall launched in the metaverse </b>

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