This Fil-Am wore a traditional FIlipiñana to prom – and she slayed it!

Gelo Lasin

Crucify me, but this def deserves a shoutout: PINOY PRIDE!

Tricia Jane Asuncion became a certified head-turner in Houston, Texas when she donned a traditional FIlipiñana to her prom, complete with matching pamaypay.

para sa kultura ?? #prom2018

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According to the Fil-Am stunner, she decided that there was no better way to make the night a bit more memorable than “going cultural”.

The move became an instant hit with her clique, with others complimenting her sense of style, while some took note of how handsome her date was.

shoutout 2 @fergalysiaous let the lights dim sum ??? #prom2018

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It was overwhelming, but I felt really happy representing my own culture, she gushed to Balitang America.

We’re just as proud of you, Tricia!

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