This dude just fed his squad tacos made from his own amputated leg

Gelo Lasin

Say it with me. WHAT THE HELL?

In what is def one of the most mind-blowingly absurd stories ever, Reddit user ‘IncredibleShinyShart’ served 10 of his friends a piece of his foot in the form of a fajita taco over brunch.

And it wasn’t just a bam-wham, feed-you-my-limb kind of a thing. The dude actually cooked his severed part to perfection, complete with bell-peppers, onions, lime – the works!

Plus, it wasn’t a prank either. His friends KNEW about the whole thing. They were even there with him during the food prep. To say that they are the most ‘open-minded’ people in the planet is an understatement.

How did this even happen in the first place? The dude – let’s call him ‘Shiny’ – was in a motorcycle accident that practically shattered his foot beyond repair. He decided to have his leg amputated, and upon his own request, was able to take the limb home.

Naturally, the Internet went nuts after the story came out and began to barrage ‘Shiny’ with a million questions, none of which will be able to fully justify this absurd event.

Here are the best ones:

1. Best drinks served alongside a severed foot?

2. How do you even plan for this?

3. Did it bother you at all?

4. What does it taste like?

5. And finally, the most important question of all