There are a few factors to consider before going on a date with someone: discover each other’s dealbreakers, their taste in music, and maybe figure out if they’re DDS (or their political views in general.) Another point to consider is checking if your humor clicks — a matchmaking app made things easier since it uses memes to connect people.

Schmooze is a dating app that combines memes and predictive analytics in order to connect people through a humor-based matching algorithm, as per TechCrunch. The app was founded by Vidya Madhavan, an entrepreneur and Stanford graduate.


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Schmooze does its job by using the bios that users have, and incorporating “tagging and machine learning”, as explained by TechCrunch. The users will see memes depending on their preferences for certain topics. There will also be choices for those who like dark humor, users who like puns, and even those who hate them.

While the app was a great way to have new friends given its interface, Madhavan noticed that it also sparked romance between some users. Eventually, Schmooze became a Gen-Z matchmaking project, as per The Face.

200 Stanford students were included in the dating app’s beta test until 10,000 downloads across the U.S.A followed it. People can swipe left or right on over 5,000 memes to choose from, and the app adds 200 more daily. Their official website states that there are already over 100,000 humor-matching connections that have been made to date.

Schmooze is currently available in the U.S.A, and no official announcements have been made if it will be rolled out worldwide soon. However, it’s safe to say that meme connoisseurs from all around the globe would possibly want to try this refreshing take on meeting someone who matches their humor.

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