This international diplomat roasted former EDSA-Kamuning footbridge


Filipino commuters are probably aware of the so-called “stairway to heaven” a.k.a. the ESDA-Kamuning footbridge. While its construction went viral in 2018, it made rounds again after Consul General Dirk Janssen of the Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco commented about it online.

The high-ranking diplomat shared a photo of the Quezon City footbridge on Twitter and the translated caption reads, ‘There is no better way to make it clear to pedestrians that they don’t matter.’

People with disabilities or those who have fear of heights might have to re-think on climbing the 10-meter high footbridge since it goes over the rails of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT)-Line 3. But the Metro Manila Development Authority expressed that it was made for pedestrians to safely cross EDSA, which is an accident-prone area.

The image that Janssen posted initially went viral in 2018. The P10-million footbridge in question was already redesigned in November of the same year with a second landing platform after it received backlash.

The footbridge’s modification was also made for commuters to easier walk up the stairs. MMDA explained that its height was also in compliance with MRT’s clearance policy on infrastructures built close to its train power lines.

Peter Cayton, a Filipino statistician, quoted Janssen’s post and said transport policymakers in the country are “heartless” and don’t consider “pedestrian and commuter rights.” He also added, ‘This was during the pre-pandemic period.’

Apart from garnering attention from Filipinos, Janssen’s tweet caught the attention of people from around the globe. One said that the EDSA-Kamuning footbridge was similar to one in Paraguay, where “pedestrians don’t matter either.”

edsa-kamuning footbridge, <b>  This international diplomat roasted former EDSA-Kamuning footbridge  </b>

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