This comic book will keep you entertained while stuck in traffic

Kat Mayuga

Commuting in Metro Manila is one of the most stressful things and many people will agree. From being in front of the line but being able to ride last, to being forced to squat the whole jeepney ride. We spend plenty of hours stuck in this mayhem almost every day, if not every day.

In those few hours playing patintero with the jeepneys or Twister with the mob in the train, a pocket companion can help distract you from all the discomfort around.

Ang Hari ng Komyut, a comic book written by Lizette Daluz, playfully tells the challenges and mishaps of the protagonist, a good representation of what many Filipino commuters go through in their everyday lives. Featuring bubbly yet socially-awakening anecdotes, this book will help you get through this stage of hell called Philippine transportation.

Here are the reasons why bringing a copy while commuting is a great idea to maximize your hours spent in traffic:

It’s very relatable

Have you ever fallen asleep on the bus and missed your destination? Check. Have you ever suffered from a backache from getting shoved by strangers on the train? Check. Whatever that is, the “Hari ng Komyut” has definitely been through it too. We all have our own horror stories and it feels comforting to know that we are not alone in this. Each of us will see ourselves in the character at least once.

You will get a good laugh from it

The rush hour commute always leaves everyone sullen. But, instead of crying buckets of tears at how horrible our transportation situation here in the Philippines is, one of the best things you can do is to entertain yourself with funny stories.

It’s award-winning

If the Philippines has the “Worst Traffic” award, Ang Hari ng Komyut has its own merits too. Recently, it was named one of 2016-2017’s Best Reads for Kids at the National Children’s book awards. With that kind of award, you’re sure that what you’re reading is quality material.

It teaches us commuting etiquette

Do you abhor those who stand on the left side of the escalator? If yes, then you’ll get along fine with the “Hari ng Komyut”. He is an exemplary model of basic commuting etiquette. For instance, he falls in line properly while waiting for the train and he doesn’t peek at other peoples’ phones in public. Its mood may be funny, but at its heart, it exposes serious issues within the Philippine transportation system.

It’s no secret that Filipino commuters’ daily lives are hellish, but it only shows how strong we are for it takes an enormous amount of patience for one to spend 2-3 hours stuck in traffic every day. Many people might have lost hope in our transportation system, but this book convinces us to have faith in it again. It shows that one nice thing you do can go miles. So, don’t hesitate to get your own copy. Just make sure you won’t lose it while navigating through the chaos of this urban jungle!
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