Listen to these podcasts when you miss having convos with friends


Don’t you miss going out with friends to catch up or mindlessly eavesdrop on people sitting next to you in a cafe? Well, you can mimic those moments even when you’re alone — and you only need a pair of earphones or choose to blast your speakers.

When you need some company, listen to a podcast that brings back the familiar feeling of having relatable conversations. In fact, each of the podcasts below can somehow personify the different types of friends you have. A lineup of different topics awaits you as soon as you press the play button.

Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast

Podcast hosts Antoinette Jadaone and Juan Miguel Severo are those friends who would give you great advice but also laugh at you beforehand. Listeners who follow the duo know them as Tonette and Gege, who openly talk about their love life, sex life, and even odd jobs they went through before their careers kicked off.

Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast is a no-holds-barred type of podcast that deals with intense and hilarious real-life love stories, discussion on films, and a touch of social awareness on the side. The show also has a thrilling Sta. Roselle Nava segment wherein the hosts read anonymous letters from their audience who seek advice.

Kwentos with Hannah

Heart-to-heart talks are reserved for people who genuinely listen, and Hannah Pangilinan brings to life that type of friend. She executes Kwentos with Hannah like it’s a fun conversation with someone she’s close to. The podcast really gives out the feel of candidly sharing the most random “kwentos” with a friend.

Some episodes include guests like Claudia Barretto, Moira Dela Torre, and Andre Lagdameo. Go through a series of topics focusing on balancing work and studies, self-love, relationships, and personal growth. The host also asks her followers to send voice notes, and she picks a different one and turns it into discussion points.

Rise Up with Janeena Chan

Every barkada has that one friend who acts like an older sister, like Janeena Chan. Rise up with Janeena Chan will guide you through topics that are empowering, engaging, and informative.

The podcast will suit the liking of those who are into goal-setting, content creation, and learning the KonManri method. The host even touches on PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), a topic that’s very personal to her. There will also be real-life stories from her guests like Nicole Cordoves, Cammile Co, Richard Juan, Nikki Huang, Jacqe Guttierez, and so on.

Kwentuhang Pilipina

Do you remember that one friend who would enthusiastically greet you in the hallway? That’s the kind of energy that podcast host, Cleo Loque, brings out. The 17-year-old founder of local clothing brand Hiraya Pilipina has now ventured out to produce her own podcast.

Kwentuhang Pilipina rolls out new episodes every Monday featuring different Filipino women like Ayn Bernos, Bianca Gan, Angel Veridinao, and more. The show is described as a safe space that revolves around conversations on college plans, trusting your own pace, growing up as a morena, skincare, debunking stereotypes, and so on.

Between Us Queens

This trio is a group that would welcome you to sit with them when you’re looking for a spot at the cafeteria during lunchtime. Between Us Queens is a podcast hosted by Pia Wurtzbach, Carla Lizardo, and Bianca Guidotti. Get to know the side of these beauty queens in a way that people wouldn’t have expected.

They look back on what they were up to 20 years ago, share crazy breakup stories, their go-to “landi moves,” motherhood, woman empowerment, and so much more. They also have guests like VP Leni Robredo, Anne Curtis-Smith Heaussaff, and Ellen Adarna, among others.

podcast, <b>Listen to these podcasts when you miss having convos with friends</b>

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