These negative traits will make you do better

We The Pvblic

When negative things result to positivity, then why not?

Negativity is basically bad for your well-being. What if you found out that it somehow gives you benefits? Ironic, isn’t it? Well then, it does.

Figure out how the following qualities can actually make you do better.


You just don’t want to get hurt when things don’t go according to the way you want it to.


You can easily find the best and easiest strategy possible to finish a project without suffering the quality.


You are just thinking of things that would possibly happen. Thinking 10 steps ahead and using Plan A-Z if things won’t work is just a way of preparation, right?


You always want to go beyond the comfort zone believing that you can learn a lot more from it.

5Being too serious

Sweating the small stuff can somehow be good as you pay attention even to the smallest detail.

6Being shy

Introspection is important as you need to have the time for solitude to think clearly and be a better observant as well.


You always want to aim higher and reach for your goals in life. Success is an endless ladder for you to climb up that you don’t want to stay in a step, no matter how high it is.