If you consider napping an eternal mood, then you’ll relate to this herd of wandering elephants from China. These adorable giants have been trekking for 15 months on a 500km trip. Their tiring journey through homes, barns, and crops even caused more than $1 million in damage.

The group of 15 elephants was captured on a 24-hour live feed by Chinese state television. In addition, the local government sent 14 drones and around 500 people to keep the pack safe, as reported by BBC News.

In the video posted by China Central Television, the group of elephants can be seen snoozing off; The first recorded instance to see the group lie down together. It was explained that only 3 to 4 elephants were usually resting, while another set stood guard nearby.

The video also mentioned that one male elephant decided to go his own way and left the herd on June 6. However, the monitoring team kept their eyes on him as he was located in a nearby forest the following day.

ABC News explained that experts are uncertain why the elephants first migrated away from the nature reserve, their original habitat. However, the local government made sure to warn residents not to leave items that might attract the herd and distributed over two tons of feed to the group.

elephant, <b> These lost, napping elephants have us saying &#8216;same&#8217; </b>