These hugot PiliPinas debate tweets will get you

We The Pvblic


Of course, the main point of the PiliPinas presidential debates is to see how well all the presidential candidates fare in their quest for the highest position in the Philippines and for the audience to see the capabilities of their bets.

But we all like to see the good that the debate brings out of it, like, let’s say, incredibly funny tweets.

And you know, some good for the country too, but more on the tweets.

Like this netizen who just wanted Poe’s ability to speak.

Or when he just felt like a stage mom.

That time when Duterte shaded Mar and Binay

And when the presidential bets could just down right go to the PBB house to settle the debate

This girl who just had enough of promises

Ted who called Mar out for who he is as a person in the classroom

And Binay who made some effort

Guess who did all the dirty work in the presentation

And Miriam. Daaaaamn, Miriam.

When the Conyos were just so tired of hearing the same thing over and over


When Venus Raj just explained everyone’s thoughts in what they wanted in a president

And when current Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach just ultimately roasted this guy for telling her she couldn’t vote because she wasn’t in the country

Queen P gives us life.

When the internet just gave a rundown on all the presidentiables

And when everyone just wanted two presidents at a time

Friendship goals af.

And when Ethel was just speaking the truth.

Do you have any Hugot PiliPinas debate tweets? Go share them!