These Girls Make The Wittiest Puns At National Bookstore

We The Pvblic

They’re at it again.

Lanirie Caudal and Mariella Ramos are at it again: making use of names and imagination in the every day world.

And although they’ve been known to lurk around grocery stores relating word and pun and humor, they know how to mix things up in your typical National Bookstore.

And they aren’t known to leave stores without spewing some really good laughs.

Bless you ~


English is our favorite subject too (Unless you count Recess/Lunch).


“Yung boyfriend ko may dating girlfriend ‘yan eh. Inagaw ko.”


“May Dunkin Donut ba dito?”


And National Bookstore better get pest control in order.


So the next time you visit any store, be sure to bring your A-game because you just may be bumping into these ladies right here firing puns at everything and anything. Try your hand on the wit game!

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