These female singer songwriters wrote something for their exes


Where do broken hearts go?

They say that broken hearts can bring your words into art. When having a hard time, one can find it cathartic to write. It can somehow become a way for us to expose our feelings. 

Writing poems and fiction stories that are based on your own experiences are indeed one of the ways to show the pain inside you. However, music is the way for these singer-songwriters in expressing their sorrow towards their failure in love. 

Trust that you’ll be the muse of a new song if you break a songwriter’s heart 

Taylor Swift

Who doesn’t know this talented lady? 

She has written songs since she was very young. We witnessed her growth as we listened to the songs she has written; most of them about romances. However, not all of them describe love in a positive way. 

She composed multiple songs and shared with us her perspective on the different colors of love. Her song from her album ‘1989’, ‘Style tells one of her stories about her exes. It seems like she was reminiscing about the time when their relationship was not yet over. She described the man with slicked-back hair, which gives us no doubt about the identity of the guy she was referring to. Well, the title of the song is already quite a giveaway. 

How about the iconic timelessness of her song, All Too Well? This song tells a lot about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal. The song was originally released way back in 2012 and was enhanced last 2021. The newly released version of it tells more since Taylor added more lyrics to it and also filmed a music video. 

Olivia Rodrigo

This young lady tells her story about her previous love lives on her song, ‘All I Want. She mentions in the lyrics of this song how she aims for something simple but these guys kept on failing her. 

Way back in 2021, Olivia released her first-ever album, ‘SOUR which consists of 11 songs written by her. Most of these songs were written about her previous relationship with Joshua Bassett. These songs include ‘Traitor, which tells a lot about betraying her and leaving her behind for the other girl. 

Drivers License is indeed a great hit on social media even before the album was released. This song of hers rocked the internet due to the revelation of the story behind it about Olivia’s ex-boyfriend’s new girl. She even described the girl here!

Ariana Grande

Ariana has written a lot of songs just like other singer songwriters. She became famous for having songs that have danceable beats, including ‘Break Free, ‘Side to Side,Focus, and more. However, even though she had written these lively songs, there is a song that tells of her experiences with her previous boyfriends. 

Thank You, Nextis a very popular song not just because of the unique beat on it but also because of the lyrics that were written here. Ariana wrote all of the stories about her past relationships with 4 men including Pete, Sean, Ricky, and Mac. She even mentioned their names at the beginning of the song. 

The song doesn’t have a sad vibe because it somehow tells how she survived and moved on from her past and now finally found her true love, herself. 

Dua Lipa

Her songs revealed a lot about her relationships. She seems to be writing more about escaping from her previous awful relationship with her partner. One of her best hit songs is ‘New Rules, which is a breakup song about staying away from the toxicity of her partner for good and embracing the new rules for herself. 

She even said that being in a terrible and emotionally manipulative relationship turns into a very creative way, and she started writing about it. Well, it turns out that being heartbroken is not that hash for her at all. 

Billie Eilish 

Her songs’ uniqueness makes her outstanding. Billie’s ‘Happier Than Ever was released way back in 2021 and became the internet’s favorite music for a long time, even now! 

The song started in a very calm tone until it reached the middle when the beat started to run wild. It is indeed a great way to express her anger towards her previous relationship with her partner.  

The lyrics of the song tell how toxic is her relationship with this guy, and how she suffered from sadness because of his actions toward her. The tone and words that we hear as we play the song Billie reveal how emotional she was.

It is nice to hear their views about breaking up with their past partners. They just showed us how females expressed their emotions better than any male! Their songs show us that love is not as soft as we expected it to be.

They deserve an award for writing these songs! 


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