These 20 reimagined movie posters will give your graphic design skills an existential crisis

Gelo Lasin

As someone whose graphic design skills are equivalent to a monkey mindlessly smashing a keyboard, it’s always been amazing to see just the type of work that graphic artists are capable of.

So… how do you crop again? –

Sydney-based graphic designer Peter Majarich showed off his mad skills when he challenged himself to create a movie poster every day for a year.

The results are epic.

1. Die Hard

2. Limitless

3. Wolverine

4. Speed

5. Star Wars

6. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

7. 40 Year Old Virgin

8. Argo

9. Finding Nemo

10. The Great Dictator

11. Raging Bull

12. The Truman Show

13. Scarface

14. Friday the 13th

15. Whiplash

16. Iron Man

17. Godzilla

18. American Sniper

19. Robocop20. Batman v Superman

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