There’s a new ‘Despicable Me’ meme going around and we are all for it

We The Pvblic

Who run the world? Gorls!

Gru from “Despicable Me” has been the meme of the social media town and honestly, we love every single one.

It’s because of Steve Carell’s Gru and his heavy accent which leads him to call his kids “gorls” instead of “girls”. Although the memes are a bit late since the film’s release in 2010, doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy each and every one of them.

Below are some of our favorite ones:

Guess who these three are:

They’re unforgettable.

What more can I say?

There’s even one on “The Little Mermaid”

“Grease” fans will love this:

1D be like


That edit though

There’s even a video:

Which one’s your favorite?