The Zayn Malik Of The Philippines Has Officially Left Hasht5

We The Pvblic

Yes, you read that right. The face of the iconic boy group is now flying solo.

Erick Ebreo, a member of the hottest group to walk the Pinas land, has confirmed it on his official Facebook.


And we can see why.


Look at him.


He’s too good to be in a group. He can do this in his sleep.


Don’t even get us started on his angel-like voice. Pang batong Justin Bieber ng Pilipinas.


The icing sa ibabaw ng cupcake ni Kim Chui. Better hold on to your chinita princess, Xian.


The hottest thing to ever hit the water.


So one big question though: Are they going to name it Hasht4 now or what?


Nonetheless, we wish Marlou the very best on his possible new solo career.

Marlou gif


How to be like you Master?

Marlou Kiss