The Weeknd took ‘new year, new me’ to a freaky level

Most of us opt to get haircuts or go to the gym at the onset of 2021, but The Weeknd took ‘new year, new me’ quite literally when he debuted a new… face? The 30-year-old flaunted his freaky look for the music video of his new single, ‘Save Your Tears’.

But in case you’re worried that Abel has fallen into a Michael Jackson-esque obsession with plastic surgery, don’t worry. It’s all prosthetics. Besides, the dude isn’t a stranger to transformations in his MVs, having been beaten up, bandaged, and now, sporting an impersonation of Handsome Squidward.

And as usual, the Internet had its fun. The comments ranged from the obligatory ‘bet he really can’t feel his face now’ to ‘he went from the weekend to a f*cked up Monday‘, which, ngl, had me chuckling for a solid five minutes.

Now if only there was a type of surgery to repair the emotional scars left by that Grammy snub.