The ugly truth about some bands in the local independent music scene

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There’s nothing that compares to the feeling of it — being part of the audience, listening to your favorite band, and jamming out to your favorite song you sing in the shower, in the office, and just before you sleep.

You know that feeling when your heart starts racing as you sing along to lyrics that are so relatable that makes you think it was as if you made them? It’s a great feeling.

Well, you know that sinking feeling when someone you’ve known for so long turns out to be a phony? As if your life’s been a lie and you’ve let yourself believe the lie you’ve been living in for too long? That’s a horrible one.

It isn’t all just flippin’ good times in the local music indie scene. Twitter user @_tapsilog makes sure of that in a lengthy Twitter thread that is worth the read:










One even mentions that Jensen and the Flips’ Samuel Valenia forced himself on a girl:

The band’s guitarist and back up vocalist Valenia confirmed the allegation on Wednesday.

Here’s one about Sud:

Well, a small amount of justice has been served because as of now, Jensen and the Flips is officially cancelledt. At least, with The Rest Is Noise, the live music show curated by Ian Urrutia and Mary Christine Galang.

“In light of several deeply disturbing allegations, one of which was confirmed by the accused band member, we’ve decided to withdraw our invitation to Jensen and the Flips to perform in our year-end show,” it posted on its official Facebook and Twitter pages.

“We are reaffirming our position: We do not and will not condone, tolerate, or enable any vile or reprehensible behavior that exploits and abuses women,” Vandals On The Wall added.


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