The true endings of your fairy tales

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We all love the fairy tales that we grew up with, because of how it brings us into another worldly dimension of each story. From the beginning up to the ending, you lose no sight of the characters on screen. Every movement, every word, after watching for a several times, you probably have memorized them. However, did you know that even decades before it hit the screens, it was written in print first, and it is shocking that the stories are not the raw content of the written form, to make it suitable to the cartoons’ market?

1Sleeping Beauty

In the movie, Aurora, succumbs to a deep sleep, only having the possibility to wake up from true love’s kiss.

In Brothers Grimm’s written tale, a lot happened before waking up. In fact, a king sees the dormant princess, rapes her, impregnates her with twins which she gave birth to while sleeping. She eventually wakes up and learns that she’s now a mother of twins, and then later decides to settle down with the rapist.

2The Hunchback of Notra Dame

In the movie, emphasizing on the concept of acceptance Quasimido leaves the cathedral, and then accepts the hook up of Esmeralda and Captain Phoebe.

Meanwhile, Victor Hugo, author of the novel, had a different thing in mind. Esmeralda, by mistake, is accused of attempted murder, then tortured and hung with Frollo on the sides, watching and laughing. Frollo, not too safe, got murdered by Quasimodo. Since he was head over heels with her, the hunchback stays beside Esmeralda’s grave and died there because of starvation.

3Peter Pan

The movie progresses with the cheesy version of the story, where boys fly to battle moustache-twirling antagonists.

JM Barrie’s original story was a product of the death of his brother. As for Peter himself, he’s actually a bit of a freak. He would sometimes change sides while they’re fighting with the pirates just because he wants to, but JM Barrie writes that he would slash out the Lost Boys, if they are too old, or if they are too many. So, like, he’d kill them.