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The ‘Jollitowel’ just topped one of Reddit’s biggest subreddits


Regardless of your thoughts on Reddit and its role in Internet culture, there is no denying its influence. After all, this is the same site that managed to convince the world that Justin Bieber doesn’t know how to eat a burrito properly (spoiler: it was a prank).

So being featured on the site could either win you some Internet points, or make a bad situation even worse. Take for example Jollibee and the issue of the ‘Toweljoy’.

ICYMI, a customer ordered a ‘Chickenjoy’ from the resto, only to receive a deep-fried towel in place of the usual edible meal. The video went viral, prompting Jollibee to issue a statement and shut down its franchise store in Bonifacio Global City for three days as they investigate the issue.

But again, the damage has already been done. The memes have already been made, the issue on regularization practices has been revived, and, as of writing, the ‘Toweljoy’ is currently a top post on the subreddit r/wtf, with over 39.7k upvotes. The sub is one of Reddit’s biggest at 6.6M members.


But if there’s one thing that Jollibee can take away from this experience, it’s how impressive their batter recipe is. Even now, Redditors are mindblown on how the batter managed to perfectly disguise the towel as a legit piece of chicken. The quality control might need some work, and heads WILL roll for this, but we have to admit, Jollibee’s food design skills are pretty remarkable.

jollibee, <b> The &#8216;Jollitowel&#8217; just topped one of Reddit&#8217;s biggest subreddits </b>

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