‘The Sims Mobile’ has a very millennial touch to the classic game

We The Pvblic

The Sims fans, this is the one you’ve been waiting for!

We know you’ve missed playing it on your old PlayStation console especially when times were easier and you could just play all day long (well, until your parents tell you to stop).

We know you missed The Sims language where your Sim would just talk about gibberish with another one. Well, now you can relive those days because it’s available on iOS and Android phones now! Yup, means you don’t have to fire up the old PlayStation!

The Sims Mobile has a more millennial touch to it with its characters being more customizable than before, different styles and accessories which scream “MILLENNIAL!” and now, there are actual thought bubbles with emojis in them, makes it easier to know what your Sim wants.

You start out with one Sim and a “fixer-upper” home which you can decorate as you earn more by doing all sorts of things like having a job and completing different tasks.

What’s convenient about it is that there’s a specific amount of time until you finish a task. You can either help your Sim out by performing various things at the event, or you can let them handle it on their own and let them finish by themselves. Easy peasy. It’s something beautiful for someone who’s always busy and on-the-go but who also doesn’t want to miss out on an epic game.

You can have more traits as you go further into the game and you get to own more than just one Sim to help you earn, and who knows, you can even play Cupid and let them get married.

You can even woohoo, fam. The Sims Mobile is living in 3020.

You best be up to speed and download it asap because we do not want you to have this kind of FOMO on a classic.

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