The side of Boracay locals in Jason Magbanua’s video

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Jason Magbanua has called out the attention of the pvblic to share the side of Boracay locals in line with the island’s impending closure.

The holy grail of wedding videographers has visited the island of Boracay, collating answers of Boracay residents. He says, “The stakeholders of Boracay have been asking for government support for a decade now, name the agency and they’ve approached it, DENR, DOT, TIEZA etc. Little attention and help was given, until now. So it’s complete bullshit to harbor the notion that the locals have done nothing and have only ravaged and pillaged.”

“Thousands upon thousands of real people will be affected by a complete closure of the island. Real, breathing humans, not statistics. We are talking about kids, mothers, fathers, entire families – not an ‘insignificant GDP drop.'”

Check out the statements of the locals below:

John Michael, a Boracay-based chef: “Puro lang sila comment na ganito, ganyan, ‘Ipasara ninyo ang Boracay.’ Hindi nila alam kung ilang libong pamilya ang magugutom. Automatic ‘yun.”

Girlie, a doctor at Metropolitan Doctors Medical Clinic: “When people are primed, when they know what’s going to happen, even the most bitter pill is easier to swallow. We know we’re going to have to stop at some point, but we need time to fix everything, time to readjust, time to look for other things to do also, di ba? Parang wala kasing consultation with the people who actually are going to be affected.”

Noa, a resort owner and environmentalist: “It’s just frustrating to see that this is the result of what people have invested their life into. After asking for help, after doing our parts, after doing a hundred little things, we’ve come to this point that we’re just going to get shut down. That sucks.”

Jhen, owner of a laundry shop: “I-rehabilitate nila nang unti-unti, huwag namang biglaan. Kasi kung biglaan parang nakakatakot. Hindi ko alam what if pagbalik, puwede pa ba kami? O baka ‘yung mga malalaking negosyante na lang pala ang puwede sa Boracay.”

Del, owner of Nigi-Nigi resort: “Bring the problem to us. Include us in the dialogue, in the discussion because we can help. We are here, hindi naman kami lahat violators.”

“There are more realistic solutions in solving the problems of Boracay,” Magbanua added. “Solutions that won’t completely disenfranchise the people inhabiting the island, the greatest, most important stakeholders of them all.”

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