The Robredos chill, while the haters choke


Vice President Leni Robredo has long been a victim of fake news and online hate. While she aims to have a “well deserved” rest during her rest with her daughters in New York City, it seems like many pressing matters still find to come their way.

There have been quite a few negative comments that came mostly from trolls and alleged supporters of VP Leni’s rival candidate, Bongbong Marcos Jr. But the Robredos continue to shake it off and celebrated Jillian’s graduation, where Taylor Swift was a speaker. They also continue to post a series of photos from their trip that supporters look forward to.

If you missed out on the main issues that happened so far this week, scroll down below.

Cebu Pacific apologizes to VP Leni

A pilot from Cebu Pacific named Van Rañoa shared in a now-deleted Facebook post that VP Leni caused flight diversions in April 2022. He claimed that the airlines affected at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport were Cebu Pacific, Singapore Airlines, and Qatar Airways.

Rañoa’s claims were false since no flight diversions were seen via Flightradar24. On Monday, the Cebu Pacific Air vice president for flight operations Captain Sam Avila apologized to VP Leni, and addressed how the pilot’s post had “no basis” and “was purely speculative and careless on his part.”

Rañoa is currently under disciplinary review.

Bye, Marites! Hello, Melinda!

It’s time to say goodbye to ‘Marites’ since there’s a new person in town: Melinda. Born out of a now-viral comment, a user named Melinda Barlis questioned VP Leni’s reason for posting her daughter’s baccalaureate photo, ‘Yeah, I get it. Gagraduate ang anak, but the point is need pa bang picturan?’

Melinda’s reply has now been deleted and the account appears to be deactivated as well. But online users now use it as a witty quip in tweets or make a meme out of it.

Even the Robredo sisters are jokingly using the phrase on Twitter. Tricia replied to Aika’s tweet asking if she was “a nurse”, referencing an earlier comment-turned-meme related to their mother. Jillian joined the conversation and asked if “need ba tweet yan?”

That Hermès paper bag

On May 19, a photo of a man named Ernest Leigh Bahala and the vice president surfaced on the internet. His caption stressed that VP Leni was displaying luxury items from Balenciaga and Hermès. He also used a seemingly mocking hashtag called “KaKAMBINGs” instead of kakampinks a.k.a. supporters of the 2022 presidential candidate.

Meanwhile, Maan Joy Gopez Manalang explained that she was the one who gave the Hermès item to VP Leni. She even had a TikTok video to prove it. She added that Bahala randomly talked to her when she was waiting to take a photo with VP Leni.

Another supporter from NYC, Pau Palestroque, also posted a status and confirmed that Manalang and herself didn’t know Bahala, who was allegedly a supporter of Bongbong Marcos Jr. VP Leni commented on the same post and thanked Manalang for the “gift.”

VP Leni, <b> The Robredos chill, while the haters choke </b>
Facebook / Ernest Leigh

VP Leni, <b> The Robredos chill, while the haters choke </b>
Facebook / Pau Palestroque

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