The pvblic doesn’t find the ‘tomboy na mataba’ posts too amusing

We The Pvblic

It’s all fun and games until humor starts taking a less humorous turn and starts degrading people.

Anna’s Online Store has been a digital sensation for its remarkably funny no-holds-barred conversations with customers, showing a girlboss attitude to everyone who even tries of committing an injustice to her shop.

Everyone, except, the “matabang tomboy”.

We’re no saints. We giggled at the first Atlantis post, but after being on the Internet for quite a while, we’ve seen the others and we’re not too amused about the jabs at the lesbian/transman community. Some pass off as discriminatory posts which stereotype these individuals, and we’re tired of the “gf ng tomboy” ones too.

It’s spreading like wildfire and people have made their own memes about it:

And well, we’re sick of the homophobic comments.

Body shaming and making fun of someone’s sexual orientation all in one?

We don’t know about you guys, but we’re not for the hype on stereotypes. Is sharing that post going to do anything to fix your life? No? Thought so.