The Playboy Mansion is now for sale and it costs like your life


The iconic 5-acre mansion at Holmby Hills in Los Angeles, California is about to be up for sale, and it is not going to be cheap.

Playboy Enterprise is about to put on sale the well-celebrated and long-sought place for parties and events, for $200M.

Not just that, since you also will get to live with the magazine’s founder, Hugh Hefner (now 89 years old) because he claims that he is not going to live elsewhere. Hefner’s room, the master’s bedroom, will be off-limits.

The mansion features 29 rooms, a game house, a home theater, a wine cellar, a gym, a couple of tennis courts, a swimming pool and one four-bedroom guest house. The cave-like grotto where Playboy bunnies have long frolicked with guests will also be up for the buyers.

Hefner procured the mansion for $1M on 1971 from chess master and engineer Louis D. Statham. That said, this mansion is filled with history and a whole lot of gratification.

Rumors once spread that world-renown singer John Lennon once put out a cigarette in Hefner’s Matisse paintings, which is still there up to this day.

Also, it is also rumored that another off-limits bedroom called the ‘Elvis’ room, where the legendary singer once reportedly slept with eight Playmates at one time.

Bill Cosby, who is usually is called to be a mansion guest, faced at least four women accusing him of sexually assault while in the mansion, where two are suing him. Lust might have been too much for Cosby that it turned into anger.

Generations of personalities and celebrities have been guests at wild parties at the mansion.

It’s the Playboy Mansion, after all, duh.

Don’t mind these ladies having a blast


It’s just a two-storey Gothic-Tudor home. No biggie, yeah?