The new Instagram trend is reminiscent of old Facebook questionnaires

We The Pvblic

Which one do you prefer: this or that? Summer or winter? What’s your favorite destination?

These questions fill the Instagram stories of countless users who fill up a template questionnaire made by The Sunday Chapter who had a whopping increase in followers after everyone started using it on their accounts.

She says in her blog: “In less than a week, my Instagram following had a dramatic jump from roughly 25,000 followers to now sitting on 280,000. To be completely honest, I’m still in shock and can’t quite process it all. I created templates on Instagram which happened to go viral, being reposted by celebrities and even making the news.”

She adds that these type of Q&A templates have been around for a while already, so she can’t “take credit” for the idea. “It was just my design that went viral. They even hold a lot of similarity to those old Facebook and MySpace questionnaires back in the day,” she added.

Others have followed suit, creating different story templates fit for Instagram Stories and we’re waiting for the next trend that’ll blossom out of this! What do you think?

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