The most cheeky fan theory for Avengers: Endgame

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Since the Endgame anticipation started, there has been a ton of fan theories circulating that seem like pure nonsense BUT there is one theory that was so ridiculous that it even caught the attention of the Russo brothers: Ant-Man is to defeat Thanos by entering through his…exit.

Here are a few of the most benta Thanus memes from Reddit ( for your viewing pleasure:

Humanity thanks you for your sacrifice from BikiniBottomTwitter

Prepared for the occasion from Thanus

No context needed, of course from Thanus

X-Post from r/inthesoulstone from Thanus

I love this sub from Thanus

Although, ass usual, in most fan theories, there’s a loophole:

Reasons why Thanus can’t happen: from Thanus