The memes and the sad stories behind them

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Memes have become a large part of the Internet. They’re rampant and it seems like new memes are being born every day. Some of the memes originated from Tumblr and some from Vine. But there are a few memes that came from the catchphrases of people interviewed on the news such as 24 Oras, which is dubbed a “goldmine for memes.” Of course, these memes have stories behind them and while some of them are hilarious, a handful of them have a dark story of how they came to be.

Yes, memes are meant to be made fun of. But sometimes we overlook the bad side of some of them. It’s okay to make jokes as long as they don’t offend or discriminate anyone. So, before sharing a meme, let’s try to research and learn about it first.

1.“Abugbog Berna”

A few months ago, a video of a kid whose face was full of bruises went viral. It turns out that she was physically hurt by her stepmother named Berna. Thus, the origin of “Abugbog Berna” which means “binugbog ni Berna”. After a few days, netizens started making memes out of that video. People edited videos and commented “abugbog Berna” on random posts. Some even went as far as putting violet makeup near their eyes to replicate the victim’s bruises.

A lot of things are wrong about these memes. For one, physical abuse is no joke and the child could have died from the beating. We should be more sensitive and careful about making fun of serious things. Imagine if it happened to your younger sibling or to your own kid.

2.“Paano mo nasabi?”

You might have noticed this sentence being used as a meme on Facebook. These same words came out from a man who was arrested by the police and it seems that it has earned him some fans.

But have you ever wondered why he’s currently behind bars? He’s there because he stabbed a woman repeatedly after she refused to go out with him. If you’re one of those who people glorifying him, then it’s time to think twice and reevaluate.

3.“Wala na, finish na”


If you didn’t know, this line was from a serial rapist. Although the meme was way back in 2015, it has recently resurfaced. It came from an interview with a drunk man who said that it’s his “hobby” to rape when he’s drunk.

The man even expressed gratitude that Duterte wasn’t the president yet at the time he got arrested. “Swerte pa ‘ko kasi hindi pa si Duterte ‘yang nakaupo. Eh kung si Duterte, wala na, finish na.

4. “Tahp tahp”

“Tahp tahp” came from a video where a boy tried to say “stop” but instead of pronouncing it the way it should be, he pronounced it as “tahp.” And some people on the Internet turned it into a joke.

It turns out that the person in the video was diagnosed with down syndrome. The meme became viral that a family friend of the person in the video had to make a post to ask everyone to stop or avoid sharing the meme. It’s never okay to make fun of someone with special conditions.