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Disney+’s widely popular Star Wars spin-off ‘The Mandalorian’ has been dubbed as the most pirated TV show of 2020 – and there’s no really no surprise there.

Follow the adventures of a masked babysitter, err bounty hunter, and a Yoda-like baby creature named Grogu, ‘The Mandalorian’ was the streaming service’s breakout hit of 2019.

Its second season undoubtedly caught the attention of even more fans, as a number of BitTorrent trackers saw its best piracy growth since the record was held by 2011-2017’s ‘Game of Thrones.

the mandalorian pirated 2020, <b> &#8216;The Mandalorian&#8217; is 2020&#8217;s most illegally downloaded series </b>
The Verge

It’s probably not the most coveted record to attain, but it’s a sure sign of the show’s quality and clout – along with Disney+’s unfortunate region unavailability for the most part.

Since its November 2019 launch, the service has only been available in certain countries like U.S.A, Canada, Australia, and more, with a South East Asia expansion apparently happening soon.

As for PH, we just have to keep ourselves updated via disneyplus.com

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