[UPDATE] ‘The Kingmaker’ is finally available to stream this month



With ‘The Kingmaker’ unfortunately postponed for its PH iWant debut, director Lauren Greenfield has now made the film available in alternative streaming sites Vimeo and Apple TV.

Yep, that means you can now catch the damning docu on Vimeo for $3.40 (PHP 169) for a 24-hour renting period and $10.00 (PHP 499) to own the movie for yourself – and have unlimited watches.

Apple TV’s also offers the same price, as you can watch the film on iTunes after purchase.

Original story:

‘Perception is real, the truth is not’

For the first time in PH airwaves, 2019 acclaimed documentary ‘The Kingmaker‘ will be available to watch on local streaming platform iWant (formerly iWanTV!) starting May 15.

ICYDK, ‘The Kingmaker‘ is an eye-opening documentary/biopic on former First Lady Imelda Marcos. She chronicles her POV during her husband’s dictatorship – and how she remains steadfast on regaining the Marcoses’ political power.

The so-called ‘dark fairytale‘ is helmed by Emmy-winning director Lauren Greenfield, who ultimately calls Imelda an ‘unreliable narrator‘.

the kingmaker stream, <b> [UPDATE] &#8216;The Kingmaker&#8217; is finally available to stream this month </b>

The docu has since been shown in numerous film festivals around the world and for a limited time in the Cultural Center of the Philippines. With overwhelmingly positive reviews, the film spotlights a long-awaited insight on PH history.

To watch, you’ll need an iWant subscription, which goes for PHP15/day, PHP60/week, and PHP120/month.

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