The Jinro MasqueRave shows just how amazing Koreans party

We The Pvblic

Dancing on tables, grabbing life by the horns, and partying with the Filipino pvblic has never looked so tasteful thanks to Korea’s number one liquor brand HiteJinro.

The Jinro MasqueRave party at the Chaos Night Club in City of Dreams was needless to say a hit among the countless people who came to celebrate April Fool’s Day with local and international acts brought together by the Korean brand.

DJs such as BSTRD PRNCE, DJ Soo, Sparky, Mickybeatz, MJ Collarga, and the Feisty Girls came up the stage to party with the pvblic all night long.

Did we mention they gave out free powerbanks, umbrellas and other goodies just for you to take a photo of their Jinro henna? Oh and, Jinro Slushies? They exist and you need to go get yourself one to help loosen up and have a good time, fam.

We can’t wait for the next HiteJinro party in Manila because we’re pretty sure they will not disappoint.

Fun fact: If you didn’t know, “Song Joong-Ki” aka the main actor from Descendants of the Sun is one of the models for the brand. If that helps make you want to quench your thirst, you’re hella welcome.
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