The Internet thinks Vhong Navarro should have taken some time off before returning on TV


Noontime show ‘It’s Showtime’ welcomed host Vhong Navarro back yesterday after his hiatus as he faced a court order for his arrest

However, the Internet thinks the dancer and host should have taken a short break before coming back to Philippine TV that quickly.

Trigger Warning: mentions of rape

Last September, news about Vhong Navarro’s alleged rape case against model Deniece Cornejo resurfaced as the alleged victim filed for an appeal. However, as of January 13, as reported by Manila Bulletin, the Taguig court denied the alleged victim’s appeal to cancel the dancer and host’s bail to have him put back in jail.

Yesterday, January 15, the noontime show ‘It’s Showtime’ immediately welcomed Vhong back with a grand celebration. Although many were happy to see him back on stage, including his co-hosts, the Internet believes it could have been better if he waited a bit longer before he came back as the accusations are still fresh.

Apart from Deniece, a few of his other alleged victims voiced out their experiences with Vhong, including Kat Alano, who shared her story through #rhymeswithWRONG in 2020. Despite not outright mentioning the actor, the hashtag still helped the Internet put two and two together.

Although we cannot and should not condemn an accused person without proof, it is always important to condemn the wrong act. The Internet believes that it is distasteful to immediately welcome an accused rapist just a few days past the Taguig court’s junking of the motion for reconsideration filed by the complainant. It would have been better to let everything at least simmer down first.

There is always a stigma against victims coming forward. We must all do our part in making victims feel safe to share their truths while also having the ability to be critical.

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