The Internet says Red Velvet’s comeback sounds like an ‘Ama Namin’ remix


First, Irene trended for allegedly “looking” like ‘Mama Mary’. Now the group made a comeback with a song that sounds like the ‘Ama Namin remix’

We do not mean to make fun of religion in this piece. 

After Irene trended due to her Mama Mary-like visuals according to the ReVeLuvs, Red Velvet shortly made their comeback with ‘Birthday‘ which sounded like the ‘Ama Namin remix‘ to the fans.

The Internet’s way of showing support for the five-piece girl group is as unique as their concepts. For ‘Birthday’, the K-pop group sampled the classical song ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ by George Gershwin.

Their latest single is off their second mini-album of the year, ‘The ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday‘. 

Filled with campy visuals and art references, the music video for the title track was released on November 28.

Fans on Twitter noticed how the ‘over the top’ aesthetic for the pop dance song’s music video might be based on the “Kitsch” art style, a bold move, as always by the third generation idols.

Watch the video here:

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