The Internet doesn’t agree on renaming NAIA after Marcos Sr.


Did you ever imagine that the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) will be changed to ‘Ferdinand E. Marcos International Airport’? Well, Negros Oriental Rep. Arnolfo Teves Jr.’s bill seeks to rename the air hub and dedicate it to the late president, who he said “contributed to the idea and execution” of the country’s main gateway.

Teves added, ‘It is more appropriate to bear the name that has contributed… in our country to make the Philippines a center of international and domestic air travel, who has instituted and built or conceptualized the project.’

Teves also stated that the airport was “done during the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos Sr.” However, NAIA’s construction started during former President Manuel Roxas’ term in 1947. The terminal was known as the Manila International Airport at the time.

NAIA rename, <b> The Internet doesn&#8217;t agree on renaming NAIA after Marcos Sr. </b>
House Bill No. 610

The Manila International Airport Authority website states that the air hub originally operated as a US Air Force base until 1948, when it was turned over to the Philippine government’s National Airport Corporation. The fledgling civil aviation airport’s facilities were nothing more than the current domestic runway and a small building as its only passenger terminal.

MIAA added, ‘With the abolition of National Airport Corporation in 1951, ownership and management of the airport fell to the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) under the Department of Commerce & Industry. In 1956, the CAA was transferred to the Department of Public Works, Transportation & Communications.’

It added that the first 13 years of the airport were marked by the building of infrastructure for international flights. The international runway and associated taxiway were built in 1953, and it saw the completion of a control tower and a terminal building for the exclusive use of international passengers in 1961.

NAIA rename, <b> The Internet doesn&#8217;t agree on renaming NAIA after Marcos Sr. </b>
Philippine News Agency

Marcos, Sr. was elected president in 1965, which means 4 years had passed or 4 since the completion of what was known as the Manila International Airport (MIA). It was renamed NAIA following the 1986 People Power revolution which ousted the Marcos dictatorship.

The bill in question was filed on June 30 a.k.a. the late dictator’s son Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s inauguration day. When Filipinos heard about the proposal, they were quick to disagree and expressed online that they prefer the airport to be renamed back to MIA. Others are questioning why this is the priority of the current government.

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