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The girl behind ‘Disaster Meme’ sold her image for $473,000


We all remember seeing this meme of a little girl with an evil-looking smirk as the house in the photo was in flames. The little girl in question, now a 21-year-old Zoe Roth, just sold the original image for $473,000 (approximately P23,650,000).

disaster meme, <b>The girl behind &#8216;Disaster Meme&#8217; sold her image for $473,000</b>
“Disaster Meme” | Zoe Roth

‘In 2005, my dad took a picture of me standing in front of a house fire,’ Roth shared to The New York Post ‘I was standing there looking evil, as if I started the fire — but oh my gosh, no, I didn’t.’

The story behind the photo was that Roth’s family lived two blocks away from a fire station in North Carolina. Her father decided to take a photo as she was watching firefighters put out a controlled burn to clear a house in their neighborhood.

Roth’s photo is considered as an NFT or nun-fungible token, as explained by The Daily Mail. It is a digital token encrypted with the owner’s signature, which signifies its permanent ownership and authenticity to the piece. It allows original versions of online content, like viral tweets and videos, to be auctioned off as if it was physical pieces of art.

Sixteen years later, Roth sold her iconic image to a collector for 180 Ethereum, equivalent to $473,000. It’s speculated that the collector goes by Farzin Fardin Fard, the CEO of a music production company in Dubai, according to an article by Gizmodo.

disaster meme, <b>The girl behind &#8216;Disaster Meme&#8217; sold her image for $473,000</b>
Zoe Roth

Literally a living meme, Roth has had quite of an experience since going viral all nearly two decades ago. Now a senior in college, Roth told The New York Post, ‘The best part was being flown to LA to be a part of National Geographic’s series on the history of the internet.’

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