The disillusionment of being in your 20s


Living in your 20s means that you are no longer a teenager but not necessarily an adult. It can be confusing as you are expected to act and think far into the future while being in the middle. 

You see yourself committing to employment and relationships, organizing your finances, and wanting to live on your own. You don’t want to be left behind. You want to establish yourself as an adult in a fast-paced environment where you see everyone thriving in their fields. 

The pressure to pursue a stable career

As you transition into adult roles and responsibilities, society’s expectations of you grow. You often find it hard to cling to working on your passions because adults instill how finances should be your top priority.

Passion will not feed you, they said. 

The harsh truth is that as you move towards adulthood, money will either be your best friend or your greatest adversary. Working a 9-5 job is not always a terrible thing if you get to enjoy your passions, pay rent, and provide for yourself. 

If you turn your passion into a job, you can fall out of love. It will feel like an obligation when you become mentally and physically exhausted.

20s, <b> The disillusionment of being in your 20s </b>

In a world fueled by capitalism, financial stability will help you survive. However, it takes decades to build a secure adult life of job, family, property, income, and social relationships on your own. 

Consider your twenties to be your internship to adulthood. Strive to learn on the job and take the time you need. 

Social Media fueling insecurity

Social media has enabled you to believe that your life is lacking compared to others. 

It presents those around you as happier and more successful, without realizing that these are filtered versions of the truth. But even if you’re aware, you might still feel pressure to keep up.

Constantly comparing yourself will only serve to heighten your insecurities. You will start doubting your goals, your capabilities, and your accomplishments.

If you’re only going to continue comparing how individuals you knew in high school are already earning 6 digit salaries while you’re still pursuing an executive job, then stop using social media.

20s, <b> The disillusionment of being in your 20s </b>

Concentrate on yourself, and do not fear if you are ‘missing out.’ Remember, your 20s are a time for you to explore and find your footing.

As cliche as it sounds, life is not a race. Everyone has their pacing. Just because you’re not moving fast doesn’t mean you won’t reach the finish line. But do not be complacent, as success is ultimately what you make for yourself.

Self-discovery isn’t a comfortable thing. You will face uncertainty whether you’re in your 20s or not. But that will never dictate your life; it’s what you do after getting hit, after getting knocked down.

20s, <b> The disillusionment of being in your 20s </b>

You have complete power over your life. The question is, what are you going to do about it? Will you be stuck for the rest of your life, unable to take even a single set,p or will you start taking risks you’ve always avoided? You make the decision.

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