The Difference Between a Traveler and a Tourist

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It is any season and time of the year when a wanderlust in you feel the need to go to new places worth exploring. Pack your bags now and don’t miss that flight.

Here are the options to assess you, dear wanderlust.

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Spontaneous vs. Planned

Travelers are willing to get lost, believing that it is part of the great adventure while tourists want things to go according to plan, clinging to their itinerary or even book for a flight with organized tours.

Ready to get dirty vs. always staying within their comfort zones

Travelers get to experience what it is like living in rural areas, opposite to what they have at home while tourists stay at hotels which gives them an utmost coziness. The former try the signature food available in every town while the latter chooses to eat at the nearest fast-food chain.

Focus the camera to the view vs. focus the camera to himself

Travelers look at the view and take pictures of them so they can have something to look back and reminisce about the trip. Tourists always strike a pose in certain places—popular attractions, statues among others to post them all on social media.

A priceless experience vs. an expensive trip

Travelers never mind about how much they spend on these escapades because they can always earn money again. Tourists think that it is a pain in the pocket to spend a fortune for a trip.

Sensitive vs. Oblivious

Travelers pay respect to the cultural traditions and belief of a place they are visiting while some tourists are not mindful of what is in the surroundings.

Now, how do you classify yourself? Are you a traveler or a tourist? No matter where you belong, never stop exploring the world.

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