‘The Crown’ roasting Imelda Marcos will give you life

The de-stressor we needed

Are you feeling burned out with the onslaught of bad news recently? Netflix’s The Crown might be able to lighten up your mood. The fourth season of the critically-acclaimed historical drama features a cheeky scene where Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter) gives a well-deserved roasting of real-life villain Imelda Marcos.

The clip, which went viral on local Twitter, sees Margaret recounting her experience with the former First Lady’s vanity. According to the royal, the latter interrupted a state banquet to show off her s̶h̶e̶l̶l̶ shoe collection.

‘There we are, in Manila, in the middle of a state banquet, when who barges into the room? None other than Imelda. Marcos’, narrates Margaret.

‘She makes a beeline straight to me, saying she’s desperate to show me her, wait for it…

‘Shoe collection’, completes her niece, Princess Anne (Erin Doherty).

Shell collection‘, contradicts Margaret, in an apparent roast of Imelda’s accent. The reveal triggers jabs from Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth (‘Did she have something in her teeth?’), mocking laughs from the room, and a sense of giddiness on our end.

While the scene in question remains to be verified, Princess Margaret and Imelda Marcos did meet during the former’s state visit to Manila in 1980. The late Margaret is well-known for being the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth, while Imelda is famous for holding the world record for ‘Greatest Robbery of a Government‘ and being convicted of a $200M graft case.

The Crown, <b> &#8216;The Crown&#8217; roasting Imelda Marcos will give you life </b>