The best reactions to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding

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The late Queen of Hearts Princess Diana must have proudly smiled down from heaven as her youngest son Prince Harry tied the knot with American actress Meghan Markle last Saturday in a ceremony that was a beautiful coming together of love, tradition, class and inclusion. The event in a lot of ways welcomed a new era for the royal family.

All throughout the ceremony, the now Duke and Duchess of Sussex beamed with happiness, wouldn’t let go of each other’s hands and stared at each other with so much love and fondness. It was crystal clear that they were raring to, just like in the fairy tales, live happily ever after.

Thanks to social media, the whole world got to watch the wedding happen real time and netizens had a field day posting their unfiltered thoughts and feelings about the royal event.

Here are our favorite reactions – the ones that best represent the funny fluctuations of our emotions from watching the wedding that we’ll never ever have.

Reactions that made us go AWWW!

The ones that made us say YAAAS!

Now these made us take a moment to, uhm, sigh… with envy.

And these made us laugh our guts out!

And, this is the best, by far. SAMEDT.

Pareho naman kami ng hiniling.

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