The 20 best entries from ‘The Artidote’ when you need that little push to go through the day

Gelo Lasin

‘Cause even an awesome person like you needs a little pick me up.

One of the most inspirational pages to ever be created in the history of the internet, ‘The Artidote’ is a platform where anyone can “empathize, bond and heal through art”.

It’s a pretty solid place to hang-out if you’re ever in a rut.

We’ve compiled the best entries from ‘The Artidote’ to help you shake off that rust, get back your mojo and be your usual, kick-ass self.

1. How to be happy

2. One small step at a time

3. You deserve the very best

4. Your struggles will pay off eventually

5. It’s in the mindset

6. You are a great person. You hear me?

7. Your troubles are part of the process

8. Stand tall

9. This too shall pass

10. See the positive in everything

11. Life is much more than just one thing

12. There’s something good in every day

13. Show off your inner strength

14. Words to live by

15. Be a little ray of sunshine

16. Understand that nobody’s perfect

17. Your mistakes don’t define you

18. Fall down seven times, stand up eight

19. Rest easy

20. As we said, you’re pretty lit