Thank you, Aling Nelia, for launching ‘Tala’ into the Billboard charts


ICYMI, we’ve done it ladies, gents, and LGBTs: ‘Tala’ is now officially a Billboard hit. The Sarah Geronimo single, which had a mainstream resurgence four years after its release in 2016, entered the international chart last Thursday.


After the dance craze, Billboard rankings, and even a critical dissection of its hugot lyrics, it’s easy to forget that all of this mainstream attention began with a certain ‘Aling Nelia’ last year.

After their game was discontinued due to noise complaints from the old lady, a group of gay volleyball players busted out the now-iconic moves as a sign of protest against their ‘oppressor’. Hilarity ensued and thus, internet history – and a new dance anthem – was born.

Ang pag totous ni aling Nellia at ng mga Bakla with Dance Tala Tala! Aling nelia sana May puso po kayo sa Para sa Sports 💙Ps. Natuloy parin ang laro niyan We win Us One!#PartTwo #KabataanLabanKayNellia#MagBolaAtHindiMagdroga #Tala #SarahG#SupportSports 💙🇵🇭❤️

Posted by Christopher Raquel on Monday, December 2, 2019


Now, while some would argue that Tala’s resurgence could be chalked up to its catchy beat, Sarah G’s influence, or drag queens being awesome at it for years, (all of which are correct), it was Aling Nelia who introduced the song to those outside of that circle (aka the straights).

So thank you, Aling Nelia. Thank you for introducing the general pvblic to a single that was once overshadowed by ‘Kilometro’ and ‘Ikot-ikot’. Thanks to your stubbornness, you elevated ‘Tala’ into a much-needed symbol of positivity and freedom, one which people were more than happy to share.

Tala, <b> Thank you, Aling Nelia, for launching &#8216;Tala&#8217; into the Billboard charts </b>