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Under Armour’s third annual Test of Will urban fitness challenge that was recently held at SM Mega Fashion Hall in Mandaluyong City served as a platform to test the functional fitness, endurance, and promote a training lifestyle for the  400 Filipino athletes and fitness enthusiasts who participated in the four-minute circuit workout consisting of Over Under Hurdles, Deadball Squats, Kettlebell Farmer Walks, and Bear Crawl.

This year, participants were categorized according to age groups 18-34, 35-44, and 45 years old and above to level the playing field and give more opportunities for all fitness athletes to put their will to the test.

Among them was Jiu-jitsu instructor Meggie Ochoa who is also one of the brand ambassadors of Under Armour.

“I told myself there should be no pressure in trying to outdo other competitors, but when I started, I couldn’t help but give it everything I had,” said Meggie. “My will was really tested.”

The exercises, according to Meggie, were just like what everyone undergoes in Jiu-jitsu. There’s no better way to prepare for them than by doing the challenges beforehand.

Meggie finished business administration and landed her first job at ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Inc. But Meggie wanted a job that could provide her with a more active lifestyle.

She initially wanted to become a mixed martial arts fighter.  But due to lack of competition in the female category, Meggie decided to pursue Jiu-jitsu instead. She now works full time as an instructor at Jiu-jitsu Manila, which is part of the ATOS group of Brazil.

Among the techniques that she learned in Jiu-jitsu that she was able to apply in the Test of Will challenge was in converting her small stature as an advantage by using her better balance.

Another martial artist who joined the challenge was Cajoleen P. Vicente, a Tae Kwon Do athlete who represented Arellano University in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and also a freelance trainer from the Sheridan branch of Gold’s Gym.

Cajoleen’s educational background—graduating with a Sports Management degree at Arellano University—was geared towards making a lifetime career as fitness professional. Like Meggie, Cajoleen might seem like she breezed through the routine but it greatly tested her will to compete against herself, as expected.

A former Tae Kwon Do athlete Jen Lemuel Co from the marketing department of Athletes Pro Group, Inc. (APGI), the local distributor of Under Armour products in the Philippines, had also undertaken the challenges, driven by the goal to keep an active lifestyle and motivate his co-professionals to do the same.

“Test of Will challenges your will as an athlete and how far can you go against yourself. It’s a venue to build camaraderie among fellow athletes as well because you get to be with like-minded people who have the same passion for sports and fitness while encouraging others to begin theirs,” said Lemuel.

Hence, #WEWILL is Under Armour’s mantra for Test of Will. “The Test of Will challenges not only apply to professional athletes, but anyone, like regular gym goers, your everyday athletes, can demonstrate it. We want to show that you don’t need to get in the field, need extraordinary endurance or skills, or spend extensively, to achieve your fitness or training goals. All you need is an unstoppable will to get started and get going,” explained Lemuel.

Training for the circuit was easy for Lemuel, since working out is a usual part of his daily routine. “I bike to work every day and climb mountains on weekends,” he shared.

Under Armour, Inc. is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland and designs innovative performance athletic apparel, footwear, and accessories to make athletes and consumers with active lifestyles better around the world.

Across Southeast Asia, Triple Pte Ltd is the sports and lifestyle retailer that holds the exclusive distribution rights for the Under Armour brand.

In the Philippines, APGI, committed to sensing the continuous evolution of products and wants of people, and makes it available to them, is the local distributor of Under Armour. More information on Under Armour can be reached at www.underarmour.com.ph and more on Test of Will is available at www.testofwill.com

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