LOOK: This teen’s body is propped like he’s playing video games in his own memorial

Gelo Lasin

18-year-old Renald Matthews died in a shooting a few weeks ago

Renald was killed while walking his dog while his aunt, Natasha Joseph, was also robbed of her phone.

Instead of focusing on the tragic event, the family decided to remember Renald at his happiest – playing video games and watching Celtics games.


According to Renald’s mom, Tameka, the teen was a fan of Kyrie Irving, thus the #11 jersey. A Boston Celtics video game was also being played in front of the chair where the body was being displayed.

Tameka further added that his son preferred to stay at home most of the time, and only recently decided to venture outside after receiving a dog from his mom as a gift.


Adding to this unique memorial, the family also laid out Renald’s fave snacks on a table beside the said chair.

Family and friends showed up at the Renald’s wake, who will be buried on Wednesday.

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