Teddy Locsin actually tweeted something you can get behind


It truly is the end of the world

Foreign Secretary Teddy Locsin and his tweets are often a hit and (mostly a) miss. He’s the country’s top diplomat, but he rarely acts like one. From his controversial vulgarity to his seemingly nonsensical rants, it’s no surprise he once became a subject of countless ‘Ok Boomer’ replies.

But as with every broken clock, Locsin delivers from time to time, such as when he recently tweeted that China should politely ‘GET THE F*CK OUT‘. In true Teddy fashion, the declaration comes with a weird-ass analogy whose meaning is only known to him, but hey the intent is there.

It’s no surprise that Teddy’s tweet has garnered headlines and retweets from a country that is starving for action on China’s continued intrusion on its waters. Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana has also been on the offense as of late, saying in an address that the country ‘will not waiver‘ in protecting its sovereign rights, despite its friendship with its neighbor.

China previously asked the Philippines to cease its maritime exercises in the disputed waters, but the Department of National Defense refused. Here’s hoping PH actually commits to its stance this time around.

teddy locsin, <b> Teddy Locsin actually tweeted something you can get behind </b>

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