Techtonic 2017 was the Manila Tech Convention for all the techies out there

We The Pvblic

Techtonic 2017 was the Manila Tech Convention of the year for local & international techies alike, business leaders, investors, and private corporations at the SMX Convention Center on July 29 to 30.

The tech event aims to mirror, if not make better, large tech and innovation-startup conferences like Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong with the theme #CulturefortheFuture.

Close its goal, the two-day tech and startup convention was the largest tech innovation in the Philippines with over 6,000 startups, investors, and civil service employees in attendance. The event focused on talks, trade show, and pitching competitions.

It covered a variety of topics with Bam Aquino as a guest speaker, going into funding opportunities in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, along with the dynamics of startup-investor relationships, and a lot more.

The exhibition area was the pvblic’s favorite, with all sorts of peculiar items you don’t usually see on the daily.

Techtonic 2017 was a hit among techies and it’s going to get a year two. Community Manager at Original Pitch Venture Capital and Techtonic organizer Kevin Tiambeng said, “Our goal for the event is to help the Philippine ecosystem grow. For next year, we plan to make it bigger and better.”

We’ll be counting on that.


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