Taylor Swift is past decade’s highest-selling artist in single sales


Tay is doing numbers

Per Forbes, Taylor Swift has sold the highest number of singles in the past decade, selling a whopping 75,893,000 individual tracks from 2010-2019 alone.

Meanwhile, Eminem ranked in second place with an impressive total of 63,501,000 sales – a not-so-measly 12 million behind Taylor.

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It should be noted that the numbers don’t account for listening streams, but actual individual purchases back in the stone age without Spotify and Apple Music (just imagine).

Taylor has dropped 5 albums in the past 10 years, with their most iconic singles including Lover’s ‘Me!’, reputation’s ‘End Game’, 1989’s ‘Shake It Off’, Red’s ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’, and Speak Now’s ‘Mine’.

It’s an impressive feat considering her career went through the big genre shift from Country to Pop. It’s also a testament of her loyal fanbase through the years, breaking records from single sales to streaming records.

Hoping that the 2020’s treat Tay even better

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