WATCH: Taylor Swift gives Shawn Mendes a fab, glittery makeover

Gelo Lasin

And you thought Shawn Mendes couldn’t look more gorgeous

While hanging out backstage with Camila Cabello and Taylor Swift at the latter’s ‘Reputation’ concert in Canada, Shawn Mendes suddenly found himself in the middle of a fab and glittery makeover.

Taylor claims that the look is the same one that she and her dancers use during the show.



The ‘Stitches’ hitmaker seemed to be all in on the whole thing, as he jokingly remarked ‘This is perfect, this is all I wanted. Ever.’

Shawn being present in one of Tay’s concert is not a rare sight, as the 19-year-old crooner previously performed ‘There’s Nothing Holding Me Back’ with Taylor at her concert back in May.

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