Tap, tap, tap—Space Corgi is your next favorite game

We The Pvblic

Remember the time when you were once addicted to mobile game Flappy Bird?

Well, the concept’s been resurrected and it the 8-bit bird has reincarnated into man’s best friend. The game also has the same set of rules: leap over concrete poles without falling on the ground or hitting your head.

The uber cute game made for dog lovers is called Space Corgi, and is available on both Android and iOS devices.


The point system here is determined by the number of dog-bone coins you get to collect as you play which makes it so much easier to rake some scores here and beat your previous record.

Those same coins are also used to purchase other dog breeds, and they’re all so equally adorable!


There are 20 doggos to choose from, among them are the dachshund, French bulldog, shiba inu, black or white pomeranians.

A fair warning though, just like the crazed-over Flappy Bird, this space doggo adventure is hard to tap out of.

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