Time isn’t real because ‘Tangled’ was released 10 years ago

TEN years!?

Just to prove that time is indeed a social construct, we found out that Disney’s classic Rapunzel adaptation ‘Tangled‘ was released this month, 10 years ago. Let that sink in.

Though the film did have its PH theatrical release in February 2011, its first official showing was back in November 2010, marking 10 years since Eugene and Rapunzel stole everyone’s hearts with that floating lantern boat scene.

It could just be me and the fact that I was barely a teen back in 2010, but it feels like such a haze to think about that decade-long time gap. That gap could already make a 10-year old child, people.

With its slick animation, memorable songs, (and eerily familiar lockdown storyline), it just proves that ‘Tangled‘ was ahead of its time – even though it was soon eclipsed by the ‘Frozen‘ franchise in 2013.

It’s equally uncanny to think that 10 years later, the princess perpetually stuck in quarantine was from the kingdom of Corona. Life imitates art, as they say.

Meanwhile, the ‘Tangled‘ stars Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi reunited for a special message to mark the film’s 10th anniversary earlier today – and my head is still spinning.

Alexa, play ‘When Will My Life Begin?’

tangled 10 years, <b> Time isn&#8217;t real because &#8216;Tangled&#8217; was released 10 years ago </b>