FYI, this crater isn’t the actual Taal Volcano

ICYMI, Taal Volcano in Batangas erupted in a phreatic (steam-driven) explosion yesterday afternoon, with PHIVOLCS warning of the ashfall’s ‘hazardous‘ effects and advising people to stay indoors until it subsides.

The calamity has since reached Alert Level 4, with PHIVOLCS estimating as of writing that we may reach Level Alert 5 if eruptions worsen.


Aside from the panic, questions on Taal Volcano’s former activities and whereabouts have surfaced online, with some asking just where EXACTLY is Taal Volcano – as most of us grew up thinking that Taal was the tiny crater shown in textbooks and tourist spots.


Despite being the world’s smallest volcano, Taal is pretty complex.

Instead of standing as a singular cone like most volcanoes (Think Mayon), the entire structure is comprised of cone hills, stratovolcanoes, and craters. Taal’s features ultimately make it stretch into a 5-kilometer wide ‘Volcano Island‘ – with the volcano that erupted earlier serving as the main crater.

Meanwhile, the tiny crater most of us assumed was Taal is actually just one of its 47 cones called ‘Binintiang Malaki

taal, <b> FYI, this crater isn&#8217;t the actual Taal Volcano </b>

Binintiang Malaki‘ might have fooled when we were kids, but it’s high time we’ve been geographically enlightened, especially with everything happening now. All in all, remember to wear N95 masks, remain indoors if the ashfalls continue, and give donations whatever way you can.

Keep safe, everyone!

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