Nintendo Switch and PS4 sales soar as more people self-quarantine at home


Gotta put the quarantine to use

Per Korean news site, sales of popular gaming consoles Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4 have spiked in South Korea due to the threat of COVID-19.

Compared to their sales from the past two weeks, Korea’s Lotte Mart experienced a whopping 336% gaming sales increase since the virus started spreading and more and more citizens are forced to self-quarantine at home.

Bored gamers aren’t the only needing fun at home though, as even little kids’ indoor entertainment like slides, trampolines, and kitchen games had a sales increase of around 30%.

‘It seems that people are looking for a lot of products that they can spend indoors with their children,’ said a Lotte Mart product rep.

As of writing, South Korea has amassed a total of 7,500+ confirmed Coronavirus cases, with the national death toll reaching more than 50 – making it one of the largest outbreaks outside China.

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